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Many community based agencies and counselling centres offer time limited sessions. ConnectGround offers a referral pathway to support clients who would benefit from ongoing counselling support as they exit other services.

ConnectGround can offer medium to long term support, and we do not impose a limit on the number of sessions you can receive.  We can facilitate a handover, or in some situations work alongside another counselling service, to allow that counselling service to remain involved.

ConnectGround clinic requires clients to attend in-person weekly sessions to keep their place in the clinic.  Interns are not able to provide between-session support, outreach, case-management, or provide written reports or assessments.

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Work with us

ConnectGround has established relationships with some like minded organisations and agencies to support referral pathways, and also to ensure the best outcomes for clients.  As part of these collaborations, referring agencies may offer training to our interns or engage in secondary consultations with our interns and staff. For further information about these partnerships, please reach out to our clinic manager, Belinda Gibson, to learn more about this at