We’re a community-based counselling and psychotherapy clinic that provides affordable individual and group therapy sessions.
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A therapist and patient sit casually on a couch in an informal session.
The ConnectGround clinic operates Thursday and Friday from the Gestalt Centre in Carlton North.

Therapy and Counselling

Our primary focus is on fostering a strong therapeutic relationship to facilitate personal growth and adaptability.


In addition to our counselling and psychotherapy services, we offer valuable opportunities for interns and volunteers to gain hands-on experience working with clients to develop their skills and professionalism.

Gestalt theory

At ConnectGround we put into practice relational gestalt theory, which emphasises the importance of connection to others and the world. What is Gestalt therapy?
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Psychotherapy and Counselling

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Student Internships

A therapist and client discuss issues in a session.
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ConnectGround Clinic can provide ongoing support for clients of other agencies, particularly when they have reached service session limits. Contact us to set up referral pathways to support clients as they exit your service.
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Gestalt Therapy Australia is a centre of excellence in relational gestalt therapy training. Our 4-year training program focuses on developing personal awareness and therapeutic skills to work with clients in profound and healing ways. 

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ConnectGround is a part of the Gestalt Centre, a vibrant community for gestalt training and practice located in Melbourne.

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