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What we offer

Most internships begin in the third year of the Gestalt Therapy Australia (GTA) training program. Our clinic provides interns with valuable opportunities to practice their skills. Interns work with a caseload of 3 clients per week and receive fortnightly group and individual supervision. They also have access to professional development opportunities.

Group and individual supervision are mandatory for all active interns. Furthermore, interns can count all their hours in the clinic towards their PACFA registration requirements. Some interns continue in the clinic after graduation, while others return as volunteers to gain more practice and fulfill the required hours for full membership to PACFA.

Our experienced clinic staff balance the needs of both students and clients ensuring high-quality counselling and psychotherapy services to the community.

Currently, ConnectGround offers over 20 internships, accommodating more than 60 clients per week.
This opportunity to do an internship at ConnectGround is truly unique.

Graduates of other counselling skills programs

Individuals who have completed their training in other centers or interstate gestalt schools and have achieved or are close to achieving professional membership can apply for an internship at ConnectGround.

Graduate interns typically seek an opportunity to gain more practice hours towards membership requirements, enhance their skills, regain confidence after a break from practice, or become part of a supportive professional community. They receive the same benefits as GTA interns, including support and supervision. Additionally, they have the opportunity to join professional extension training and participate in a 3-day module on trauma or experiment with GTA students.

Internships typically last for 12 months and interns commit to a ​4.5 hour shift each week on-site at 622 Lygon Street, Carlton North.​

ConnectGround clinic also welcomes graduates of external programs to apply to become interns.

Professional extension training

ConnectGround offers a series of professional extension seminars throughout the year designed to support interns and any other mental health practitioners who are dealing with very specific client issues. These seminars provide valuable insights and knowledge in specialised areas of practice.

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Benefits of joining the internship program

Joining a ConnectGround internship program is a unique opportunity as it is the only clinic of its kind in Melbourne.

  • Interns have the chance to accumulate client hours while working as part of a vibrant team in a thriving community clinic.
  • The clinic provides opportunities to gain valuable experience and build confidence in working with a wide range of clients and issues. Interns can work with clients for long, medium, and short-term periods.
  • We offer a stimulating graduate training program that includes regular ongoing professional development sessions.
  • Interns are provided with a clear learning and development plan, and our learning model emphasizes reflection and self-evaluation.
  • Group and individual supervision are provided, and interns can make a meaningful contribution to the community through their work at ConnectGround.

How to apply

It takes time to become a therapist. Students are immersed in an experiential learning process that is holistic, integrated and developmental.

After completing the first two years of training at Gestalt Therapy Australia (GTA), students are able to apply for an internship at ConnectGround.

For external graduates, it is necessary to read the information pack  before contacting the Clinic. Once you have read the information pack you can email Belinda Gibson (Manager of Clinical Services) at manager@connectground.com.au.

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