Graduate Internship Program

Each year we will be offering six Graduate Internship places in the clinic for graduates of other recognised counselling and psychotherapy programs.  These internships are designed for graduates of counselling programs, social workers wanting to achieve mental health accreditation and psychologists wanting to complete face-to-face clinical work to meet accreditation for professional memberships and to develop confidence in their practice.


As well as the opportunity to work with clients, interns will be offered individual & group supervision and a tailored internship program to support reflective and relational practice.


This internship will support your professional development by offering an opportunity to practice in community based counselling service that supports humanistic and relational ways of working with clients.

ConnectGround Clinic

ConnectGround Clinic emerged from the Gestalt Therapy Australia training program in 2013 to provide our psychotherapy students an opportunity to practice.  ConnectGround is currently staffed by Gestalt Therapy Australia student interns and provides low cost, ongoing, individual and group therapy that has a relational and humanistic focus.  Our primary emphasis is on the therapeutic relationship as a key factor in the development of awareness to support health, flexibility and change. 

ConnectGround offers interns an opportunity to work in a practice team who are supported to reflect on their experience of the work with clients, and the ways the work undertaken with their clients is central to their development as a counsellor/therapist. ConnectGround, as a service, is also committed to seeking ongoing client evaluation of their experience in the clinic in order to develop and strengthen the services provided.

Why do an internship at ConnectGround?

To complete training and client contact hours in order to achieve PACFA accreditation, as the next step in establishing themselves as a counsellor or therapist. 


ConnectGround internships offer graduates the opportunity to complete their client contact hours and bridge the gap from study to private practice or to a counselling role within an organisation. Interns build on their learning through practicing in a clinic setting where they have access to clients and the benefits of working in a supported, reflective, collegial environment offering the opportunity to bring theory and practice to life.

Benefits of joining our internship program

•    Interns are able to complete their client hours while working as part of a vibrant team in a thriving community       clinic
•    Opportunity to gain valuable experience and confidence working with a wide range of clients and issues
•    Potential to work with clients for long, medium and short term periods
•    Stimulating graduate training program which includes regular ongoing professional development sessions
•    Development of a clear learning & development plan
•    Opportunity to work within a model that values and supports ongoing reflection and self-evaluation 
•    Group and individual supervision
•    Opportunity to contribute to the development of ConnectGround as a service


The Internship Program

1.   Clinic Orientation

  • Introduction to the role and orientation to the clinic

  • Identifying Learning Goals

  • Introduction to Relational Gestalt Therapy and working relationally


2. Three day Specialist Module 5 (Specialist Gestalt Practice)

Graduate interns will take part in the three day module (theme to be announced) offered to third and fourth year gestalt therapy students in 2020


3.  Quarterly professional development seminars (4 hours)


4.  Twice monthly group supervision and 20 individual supervision sessions


$120 non-refundable application fee

$4,000 inc GST


Length of internship

12 months 

How to Apply

Applicants are required to address the selection criteria in their application and nominate two referees who can talk about their skills and capacity to work with clients. Applications are to be emailed to Carolyn Stewart (Manager of Clinical Services) at





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