YogaSphere brings together teachers and facilitators with body-based practices, including yoga and mindfulness, who are committed to exploring the lived experience of the body. 


There are many places of synergy between yoga and relational gestalt therapy. In both, the focus is on exploring our experiential world. We practice deepening awareness through inquiry into emergent (here and now) experience.


At YogaSphere, we understand that health is indicated by flexibility and responsiveness across a spectrum of human experience, including the psychological, physical and spiritual. 


YogaSphere will offer a diverse program of classes and workshops designed to deepen your capacity for personal inquiry to support you to have more access to your enlivened and embodied self. The program does this through yoga, mindful relating, easeful conscious movement, meditation, and spontaneity in movement, and in profoundly connecting to each other, the communities from which we come, and country. 


YogaSphere programs are open to anyone who is interested.  You can book through our office on 9489 6300 or


Classes are held at the Gestalt Centre, 622 Lygon St, Carlton North, 3054


Give it to the Body with Awombda Codd

Date/ 19th March

Time/ 6.30-8.30pm

Cost/ $50

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Therapist Self-Care with Somatic Movements with Wai Ying Tham

Date/ 28th March

Time/ 9.30-5.00pm

Cost/ $189

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Meditation in Movement with Amanda Hawkey

Date/ 15th April-27th May (excluding 20th May)

Time/ 9.30-11.00am

Cost/ $150

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Yoga Informed Psychotherapy with Anna Evans & Tony Jackson

Date/ 20th May- 24th June

Time/ 6.00-8.30pm

Cost/ $850

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Soma Roma Yoga with Camilla Maling

Date/ July 5th-August 10th

Time/ 1-2.30pm

Cost/ $150

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Restorative Yoga with Wai Ying Tham

Date/ 12th September

Time/ 2.00-4.00pm

Cost/ $55

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