NDIS @ Connectground


Connect ground offers counselling, psychotherapy and personal development groups.  These can be accessed through the NDIS.


If you are an NDIS Participant or Broker we welcome you to make contact with us to talk about how we might best tailor our services to meet your, or your participant's needs.


At ConnectGround we understand therapy to be a collaborative relationship offering people the opportunity to explore and understand themselves and their experience of being in the world and in relationship with others.  We view health as supporting people to find more flexibility and choice in the way they live in the world and with others.


We offer short, medium and long term individual psychotherapy and personal development/therapy groups.


ConnectGround can be accessed by anyone who has an NDIS package with funds allocated for counselling /psychotherapy


Our NDIS service is delivered by mental health social workers and qualified psychotherapists



For more information email us at or call the office.