Embodied Awareness

We support people to become more aware of, and better able to talk about, their embodied experience. Awareness helps us to respond to each life event with greater flexibility and choice.  We become more compassionate to self and others. 

Enlivened Relationships

We support people to deepen their capacity for all relationships.  Being better at relationships unlocks the power of connection in restoring health, spontaneity and joy.

Experimental & Dynamic

We support people to understand something of how they are in the world (enduring relational patterns). This awareness promotes deeper understanding, but also helps to support people to experiment with new ways of being in the world. 

Culturally & Environmentally Situated


We support people to more fully understand their current experience by looking through the lenses of environment, culture, history, ongoing need, expectations etc. Sensitivity to context always supports meaningful change. 

Transformative Presence

In bearing witness to the uniqueness of each person we aim to make space for each person's experience (pain and suffering) without the need to quickly fix it.  

Connection & Community


We acknowledge the basic human need for belonging and connection.  In the therapy process, we can also explore the vulnerability that is attached to this need.  Understanding belonging in this way we can become more grateful (and forgiving) for the groups and communities we belong to, and become better-skilled members of them.