Values experience, authentic living and human relating

  • Pays attention to the full context of your life

  • Develops your here-and-now awareness of your experience and your relationship to others

  • Sensitive to the ways that your past experience and future hopes may be organising your current experience

  • Provides a holistic philosophical engagement with the nature of the human condition

  • Believes that people are naturally inclined towards positive change and that this is best supported by awareness and acceptance

  • Believes that the relationship between client and therapist is fundamentally important to a healing process.

  • Therapist and client work together in a process of sustained inquiry

  • Believes that people are always in relationship so all experience is co-created

  • Views health as the capacity to respond flexibly, choicefully and creatively to your environment


Translated from the German, gestalt implies wholeness, or if used as a verb
‘to make whole’